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  • FEB21

    Haven’s Eldergrow Garden

    Posted February 21, 2018 in News

    We are very excited to introduce our “ELDERGROW” garden in the Haven neighborhood. Most of the residents in Haven are already taking part on taking care of the garden.(see pictures)

    The Eldergrow garden offer a therapeutic connection to nature. Residents engage in meaningful ways with the garden: socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When you come and visit your loved one, don’t forget to visit the garden. Help us take care of it too!

    The Therapeutic Horticulture of Eldergrow to the residents are as follows:

    1. It will improve their motor skills
    2. Elevates their mood
    3. Reduces falls
    4. Improves self-esteem
    5. Reduces risk factors for dementia
    6. Improves their sleep
    7. Reduces agitation
    8. Acts as an anti-depressant

    “The garden will give our residents something to nurture and look forward to!”

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