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  • FEB14

    Share the Love

    Posted February 15, 2019 in News

    It’s February! Buy a gift for the one you love and donate to Inland Christian too! A percentage of your purchase through AmazonSmile will go directly to ICH! Happy shopping!

  • Dec02

    Haven’s Eldergrow Garden

    Posted December 02, 2018 in News

    This year’s newest addition to Inland Christian Home’s Inland Haven is Eldergrow’s mobile sensory garden. The team at Eldergrow Educators offer therapeutic gardening classes with seasonal plant deliveries and garden maintenance. There are so many evident-based benefits of therapeutic horticulture to those who have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia such as: • Improves motor skills • Reduces risk factors for dementia • Elevates mood • Improves sleep • Reduces falls • Reduces agitation • Improves self-esteem • Acts as an antidepressant Our Haven Residents are using their senses such as smell and touch to help identify different varieties we have in the Eldergrow planter box. They are engaging in plant identification in the garden as well as sharing their own personal stories of plants they used to grow. The Eldergrow class is every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3pm.

  • Oct01

    Future Plans – 2018 Annual Fund Drive

    Posted October 01, 2018 in News

    The focus of the 2018 Annual Fund Drive is the first phase of the Long Range Plan. The Board of Directors has and continues to develop Long Range Plans for Inland Christian Home. The current Plan sets direction for the next 15 years and addresses every area of the facility. This Planning is complex. Some of the complicating questions/factors are: • What will seniors want in the future? • How will the needs be prioritized? • Should existing buildings be kept or removed? • Where will buildings and functions be located? • How will construction be completed while continuing to provide care and services? • How will the projects be financed? • When will the projects be started and phased? • Governmental Regulations This planning is still fluid and in process. However, phase one has been identified. • Add additional parking in front parking lot to the east of Skilled Nursing. A variance from the city delayed the project, but it is anticipated to start soon. • Starting in August 2020 the goal is to: o Remove the maintenance building and relocate. o Remove the Friendship Center. o Straighten the road located to the west of the Friendship Center. o Remove the road between the Friendship Center and the kitchen. o Construct a two story Community/Village Center that includes indoor and outdoor dining, bistro/café, kitchen, friendship center, exercise wellness area, and various other activity spaces in the area of the Friendship Center and up to the west side of the existing dining room Why does Phase 1 need to be completed? • To remain relevant and ensure survival, the expectations of future seniors must be met. • To accommodate growth. The administration, dining room, kitchen, and Friendship Center were built in the initial phases of development. Since that time, Inland Christian Home has grown considerably. There is not enough space in these areas. Adding additional resident living areas can be considered after phase 1 is completed. • To provide improved disability access. 2018 marks Inland Christian Home’s 40th anniversary of providing senior living care and services. The mission and core values of its founders will continue to be honored and we will wait upon the Lord for His guidance and wisdom in all that is done. Please consider contributing to this much needed cause. Your contributions will assist Inland Christian Home in its mission of providing seniors quality, affordable, individualized care in a Christian environment.