Inland Christian Home wrapped up 2021 with another successful annual fund drive and we wish to thank our generous donors who contributed to that success. While the goal was to raise $150,000, the drive raised over $186,000 from a total of 142 donations. Donors were able to select which categories they wished their funds to go to. Options included the Care Fund, the Foundation Fund, and the Covid-19 Support Fund. There was also an option for an Unspecified Fund which allows Inland to use the funds for the most pressing need at the time.

Donations to the Care Fund, which totaled more than $53,000, will go toward offsetting fees for those who can no longer afford the cost of care. The Foundation Fund is an endowment fund. Donations to this fund, which totaled more than $12,000, are invested to generate income can be used in the daily operations of running the facility. This helps to lower the cost of care for our residents by supplementing the budget. The Unspecified and Covid-19 Support Funds were combined for 2021, totaling more than $120,000 that will go toward pandemic-related costs such as providing necessary PPE (personal protective equipment), testing costs, and maintaining staffing ratios in order to provide a safe environment for residents and staff amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic.

If you still wish to make a donation, you don’t have to wait for the Fund Drive to start in the fall. Donations can be made anytime by visiting our website or by mailing in your contribution so that you can help us reach our 2022 goal of $150,000. You can also visit us in person to drop off your donation. Through the generous donations of our caring supporters, Inland Christian Home is able to continue our mission of providing quality, affordable, individualized care in a Christian environment.