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Private Pay Rates:

  • Starts at $160.00 per day Private Room
  • Starts at $121.00 per day Semi-Private Room

**A one-time $1,500.00 Community fee is required prior to move-in**

  • Adult Day-Care
    • $16.00 per hour4 Hour Minimum

Optional Services Available:

    • Transportation*
      • $ .55 per mile  Mileage
      • $25.00 per hour Time
      • $35.00 per hour, after Business Hours Time

*When resident’s health allows. Personal attendant fees may apply

    • Fee per service basis Barber & Beauty Shop

Levels of Care

Under the “level of care” model each month the additional care that a resident receives will be evaluated. Points will be assigned for each additional service that a resident receives which will generate a total score. Residents will then be placed into one of six “levels of care” based on their total score. Each level of care is assigned a daily rate, which
will be billed to the resident. A copy of the “levels of care” will be available upon request.

Levels, Prices are per day

  • $0Level 0 (0 points)
  • $16.50Level I (1–25 points)
  • $36.00Level II (26–80 points)
  • $50.75Level III (81–115 points)
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